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Ultimate X

Ultimate X

9965 DNX

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DNX vous apporte « le vrai truc » : UltimateX ! Un mélange unique d'ingrédients naturels qui ont tendance à se manifester sous la forme d'une explosion sur le dance floor.


Prenez une capsule avec de l'eau ou du jus de fruit 30 à 45 minutes avant l'effet escompté. La portion journalière recommandée est d'une capsule. Ne dépassez pas la dose maximale d'une capsule par jour.

Ultimate X - ingrédients :

  • Extrait de cacao (100 mg)
  • Extrait de racine de saule blanc (100 mg)
  • Extrait de guarana (100 mg)
  • Niacine (5mg)
  • Chrome (0.06 mg)
  • Vitamine B12 (0.08 mg)
  • Extrait de Citrus Aurantium (50 mg)
  • Phénylalanine (200 mg)
  • Extrait de gingembre
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Évaluations de clients pour "Ultimate X"


We were somewhere at the right side of my couch when the first placebo effect started. I took the first Ultimate X pill at about 23:10h. 20 mins later I felt my hands started shaking, or at least I thought so.. Around midnight it was clear I just imagined the feeling and that I was actually completely normal. A cup of coffee would have done more influence on my body. Although a bit disappointed that I didn't show any signs of "high" my friend took his pill. 20 mins later, we both took additional pill. What a mistake. "Mistake" - it seems like a perfect word - "miss take", when you miss by taking something, in this case the second Ultimate X pill.

The completely normal, unchanged state of mind and body started to take over. We were overwhelmed by such huge lack of any kind of our body or mind reaction to two enormously large pills. We would feel at least something for sure if I took two Vitamin C pills instead.

About 3 hours after I took the first pill, we decided to make an effort in saving otherwise completely wasted and ruined evening, and turned to good old homegrown ganja. That, my dear reader, was the only good substance we took that night. We had about 3 hours of fun and went to bed high spirited after that disappointing waste of time, money and great expectations.

My legacy for all the future generations is this warning and a small drop of hope that you will listen to that same warning and avoid purchasing or trying Ultimate X, in order to save yourself from that disgusting feeling of disappointment, hate and emptiness, which will hunt you for a long time if you, for some unexplainable reason, decide to take the Ultimate X pill(s).

"Whoever has ears, let them hear." Mt 11:15

[ Azarius: We're very sorry this product did not live up to your expectations. Certain substances and ingredients will have different effects from person to person. Nevertheless we stand by the products we sell and would like to offer you a different energizer. Please contact our Customer Service with your order number.]


Me and a friend took the first pill, waited for 1 hour, nothing happened. Took the second pill, waited for 1 hour, nothing happened. We didn't feel any effects at all, no energy, no euphoria, no good mood. We just had some nervous feeling and felt big disappointment. Complete waste of time and money.


Doet helemaal niets, het is dat je minstens een ster moet geven want zou er geen geven. waste of money, gelukkig zijn ze niet duur.


Ich nahm vor einem Clubbesuch auf nüchternen Magen eine der echt großen Tabletten, mein Kumpel hatte etwas gegessen und nahm ebenfalls eine. Nachdem eine Stunde keine Wirkung eingetreten war, nahmen wir eine zweite, doch auch hier tat sich rein gar nichts. Somit erhält das Produkt leider eine schlechte Bewertung, weil wir das Geld und einen Discoabend zum Fenster rausgeworfen haben :/


Took one of the gigantic tablets at a party before my friend just to make sure it was good and after 40 minutes effects started taking over...a complete XTC trip was building on starting by euphoria and sweating. After 3d tablet I was in a big trip, my friend was not good probably because of alcohol so he was not dancing but just tripping out. Music, lights, lasers were amazing every single kick was making my head shake. At 6 a.m. i was at 6 tablets, stupid I know it is better not to exceed the 4 tablets but I was tripping balls and never felt overwhelming like MDMA.

Take these with caution but if you do they're the best legal alternative to XTC.

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