Jurema (Mimosa hostilis)

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Mimosa hostilis, aussi connu comme jurema, est une petite plante qui pousse au Brésil. L'alcaloïde actieve dans Mimosa hostilis est N,N-DMT, qui ressemble au LSD, mais qui est plus intense. Normalement, l'effet de DMT pris oralement est minimal, mais en combinaison avec un inhibiteur-MAO comme Peganum harmala ou Banisteriopsis caapi on peut faire la potion magique ayahuasca, une boisson magique qui permet d'avoir une expérience psychoactive intense et spirituelle.


D'abord vous sentez des nausées. Si vous voulez vomir, il est mieux d'y céder au lieu de vouloir le stopper. En 45 à 60 minutes vous expérientez une extase religieuse et les premières visions commencent à venir. Des couleurs intenses, des fleurs et des formes de mandalas et du feu d'artifice. Dépendant de la quantité, vous verrez des mondes comme des jungles, peuplées par des animaux exotiques, des ancêtres, des dieux et des monstres. Vous pouvez etre confronté à ses propres angoisses, désordres et frustrations. Il est important de ne pas paniquer et s'enfuir, mais de contrôler les angoisses en vous 'y cédant.


Laissez infuser 3 à 5 grammes de graines Peganum harmala dans un peu d'eau chaud. Faites la même chose avec 9 grammes de mimosa hostilis et ajoutez un peu de jus de limon ou de citron. Buvez l'extrait de Peganum harmala après l'avoir tamisé. 15 minutes plus tard buvez le mélange du mimosa hostilis.

Actuellement l'écorce de l'arbre mimosa s'utilise en cas des problèmes à la peau et de la brûlure. Elle s'utilise également dans la cosmétique commerciale et produits aux cheveux, qui contiennent des qualités qui rajeunissent la peau. Les recherches ont démontré qu'elle est en effet actieve; l'écorce est riche en tannines, saponines, alkaloïdes, lipides, fytosteroles, glucosides, sylose, rhamnose, arabinose, lupéole, methoxychalocones et kukulkanines.


Azarius Encyclopedia: Using Psychedelics Safely

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Commentaires - Jurema (Mimosa hostilis)

31 Commentaires


J. Al-Khumm 2016-02-12

I took both syrian rue which I grinded myself and pre-powdered jurema in size double zero gelatin capsules each holding about 0.5 grams of material, a method which I had heard spares you from vomiting. And with proper diet and fasting this turned out to be true. I did have…

I took both syrian rue which I grinded myself and pre-powdered jurema in size double zero gelatin capsules each holding about 0.5 grams of material, a method which I had heard spares you from vomiting. And with proper diet and fasting this turned out to be true. I did have some diarrhoea after the trip was over, but not during it. Due to slight impatience I ended up taking 5 capsules of syrian rue and some time after that total 8 capsules of jurema, which is kinda risking it but fortunately wasn't too much for me. Nor too little - still had a good strong beneficial experience.

I had a very emotional rollercoaster of a night. First a waiting period where the syrian rue was working, putting me into emotionally responsive state, and where I'm looking at stream of vivid imagination. Then intense sorrow from past losses, and uncontrollable crying. Then intense thankfulness, still weeping but this time out of joy. And lastly intense ecstasy with laughing, writhing around with euphoria, playing guitar, dancing, slowly and sensually eating slices of mango fruit. All these stages had great beauty to them, and I didn't have to endure fear which is a commonly reported emotion. There was a period of visuals during the ecstatic stage, outlines of objects turning to rows of hexagons, and feeling/seeing an otherworldly wind blowing by. But at that stage "seeing stuff" is almost besides the point, because there was just so much else to learn. Now on the following day I'm feeling unusually happy, relieved and free. I don't feel the need to take this again anytime soon, maybe after a couple of months, so it clearly is not addictive.

Music is extremely important. Listen to your favourite most beautiful albums - they will sound profound! At the peak of the trip I even could grab the notes out of thin air with my hands.

Having previous experience in psychedelics is VERY helpful, for example in just having a point of reference to recognise what you're going through. Don't do this alone if you're completely new to any psychedelics. I did this alone, but I had done my research and planning, and compared to a real ayahuasca ceremony I merely dipped my toes in this stuff. Those people in jungle centres plunge in DEEP. For now, I rather have my miniature experiences such as this, thank you very much.

Although the DMT fireworks came on with a long delay and seemed to last somewhat shortly, I'm still extremely thankful of this herb. The message I received couldn't be more clear: Enjoy life!

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tom 2015-07-26

the cold water infusion does not work

M.H. 2013-01-04

Totally not suitable for an STB. Low quality. Made me very very disapointed!

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