<![CDATA[Azarius News]]> http://azarius.fr/news/ Array <![CDATA[Were the gods actually mushrooms?]]> http://azarius.fr/news/808/Were_the_gods_actually_mushrooms/ A number of myths and religious writings from all over the world describe a magical substance with which one could contact the gods. In myths these substances have always been shrouded in mystery. We therefore cannot be certain what these substances consisted of. There is however growing evidence that many old civilisations used magical mushrooms to access another reality. In this article we present some examples as “food for thought”.

The magic mushroom as a foundation of Christianity

Adam and Eve fresco Plaincourault Abbey In the Bible it is described how God prohibited Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge (also the called the tree of life.) By eating the apple from the tree they would see the same as God. What really was meant with this is the perception of the difference between good and evil. One could say it is rather strange that the Bible threatens with punishment those who use something that gives insight. It becomes even weirder if you look at a depiction of Adam and Eve from the 13th century (see image.) Here Adam and Eve do not stand under a tree, but next to a mushroom. It is possible that the tree of knowledge was not an apple tree, but a symbolic representation of the magic mushroom.

De fly agaric in ancient Hinduism

Soma was a Vedic beverage which was consumed in ancient India long before Christ. After use one would come in contact with the gods. In many Vedic scriptures this mysterious substance makes an appearance. According to R. Gordon Wasson soma in reality symbolised the fly agaric. He conducted in-depth studies on the subject.

Ergot as the base for a mystical Greek beverage

In ancient Greece people annually held secret ceremonies at which a magic concoction was consumed. This drink would reveal a higher mystical truth. According to Wasson this drink was made of grain infected with ergot. Ergot is a mould which contains LSA. The latter is a powerful psychedelic substance.

Terence McKenna's view on magic mushrooms

There are many indications that mushroom cults have existed all over the world. The American ethnobotanist Terence McKenna studied this phenomenon comprehensively and was convinced that religions originate as result of the use of mushrooms. According to him the human mind developed through the use of psychedelics. He describes his view in the bestseller Food Of The Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge.

Undergoing your own mystical experiences

Naturally, it is quite interesting to get deeper into this subject. It is even more fascinating to undergo the mushroom experience yourself. Chances are that you will experience what Terence McKenna meant with the title of his book Food of the Gods.

Sadly psychedelic mushrooms are prohibited these days. On the other hand magic truffles are still available at Azarius (and depending on the drug laws of your country.) These contain the same psychoactive substance as the Mexican mushroom. They can also induce the same mystical experience as magical mushrooms.

By Inge

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<![CDATA[Job Offer: Customer Service]]> http://azarius.fr/news/809/Job_Offer__Customer_Service/ Wed, 19 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0200 http://azarius.fr/news/809/Job_Offer__Customer_Service/ <![CDATA[Psychedelic Sessions 2016: Lecture Arno Adelaars]]> http://azarius.fr/news/806/Psychedelic_Sessions_2016__Lecture_Arno_Adelaars/ In our final episode of the Psychedelic Sessions which were held this August at Landjuweel we present the lecture 'Anaconda and Jaguar. The Fountain of Culture' by Ayahuasca specialist Arno Adelaars.

In this lecture Adelaars will dwell on the spiritual background of Amazonian shamanism, as Ayahuasca is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0200 http://azarius.fr/news/806/Psychedelic_Sessions_2016__Lecture_Arno_Adelaars/
<![CDATA[Psychedelic Sessions 2016: Lecture Judith Noijen]]> http://azarius.fr/news/805/Psychedelic_Sessions_2016__Lecture_Judith_Noijen/ During Landjuweel 2016 we organized the second Psychedelic Sessions a series of four lectures on interesting new developments in the psychedelic field.

The third lecture we recorded was by Judith Noijen, Project leader at Unity. In '4-FA. Temporay hype or serious competitor of Ecstasy?' she tells us about the growing popularity of 4-fluoramfetamine. With this popularity comes the increasing attention of party-goers and media, government and information services. What is going on with this new psychoactive substance?

Unity has posted an important update regarding 4-FA on their website. You can read it here.

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<![CDATA[Psychedelic Sessions 2016: Lecture Oliver Martin]]> http://azarius.fr/news/804/Psychedelic_Sessions_2016__Lecture_Oliver_Martin/ Azarius organized the second edition of the Psychedelic Sessions on Friday August 12 2016 . We invited four speakers to give their take on the psychedelic experience.

You can now listen to the second lecture 'Psilohuasca, Toad and Coming Home' by mushroom doctor Oliver Martin.

Oliver will share all about the true magic of Psilocybe Mushrooms, which they fully release when combined with Syrian Rue. He also talks about Toad Magic and the powerful 5MeO DMT which is it’s main ingredient. And how he combines both, Psilohuasca and Toad in Spiritual Awakening Weekends in the Netherlands.

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<![CDATA[La température de vaporisation, pourquoi est-ce si important ?]]> http://azarius.fr/news/780/La_temp_rature_de_vaporisation_pourquoi_est-ce_si_important/ Pourquoi est-ce si important de vaporiser a bonne temprature ?

Si vous discutez avec un adepte de la vaporisation, il saura vous dire a quelle temprature il prfre vaporiser. Il saura que la temprature de vaporisation est cruciale et que lexprience qui en dcoulera dpend en grande partie de ce facteur.

Quel type de high recherchez-vous ?

La raison principale du choix de la temprature est que celle ci impactera l'effet que vous procurera la vaporisation. La temprature la plus communment utilise pour du cannabis est entre 180 et 210C. En gnral, des tempratures en dessous de 190C donnent un high plus crbral alors qu'au dessus de 190C, vous aurez un high plus corporel.


Les armes de vos herbes dpendront aussi de la temprature utilise, et c'est l'une des meilleures raisons pour se mettre a la vaporisation. Larme de votre herbe sera riche et pure et donc trs apprciable, un arme qui n'aura rien a voir avec celui qui se dgagerait de celle-ci en la fumant. Comme un bon vin, mais en mieux. Comme plonger son nez dans son sachet de weed au coffeeshop. Si vous vaporisez a trop haute temprature, vous brlerez votre herbe et celle ci n'aura plus de saveur. Commencez a basse temprature et augmentez graduellement.

Et pour les autres herbes ?

Vous pouvez aussi utiliser votre vaporisateur pour vaporiser d'autres herbes ! Elles auront besoin d'une temprature un peu diffrente de notre bonne vieille Mary Jane, le plus souvent celle ci devra tre bien en dessous de 100C 175C. Des herbes comme la camomille, la valriane, et le lotus Bleu ont des proprits sdatives.

Vaping temperature, why is it so important?

If you talk to any vaporizer fanatic, they will be able to tell you what their favourite temperature is on their vaporizer. What these people know and love is that the temperature that you vape your weed (or other herbs) is vital to the experience you will have.

What kind of high do you want?

One of the most important reasons for temperature control is that you can control the effect you will get by the temperature you use. The most commonly used temperature range for cannabis is between 180 - 210C. Generally speaking temperatures under 190C produce more of a cerebral high and above 190C produce a body high.

Flavour Flave

The flavour of your herbs is also affected by the temperature you use, this is one of the best reasons to vaporize. The flavour, unlike smoking, is full bodied, pure and delicious. Like a fine wine but better, similar to smelling your ziplock bag when you're at the coffee shop. If you vaporize with the temperature too high, you will burn your herbs and end up with no flavour. So start with a low temperature and gradually work your way up.

Other herbs?

Vaporizers can also be used with other herbs as well! They need different temperature settings than ol' Mary Jane, usually a lot lower from around 100C - 175C. Herbs such as chamomile, valerian and blue lotus are used for their calming properties.

Pour de plus amples informations et les meilleures tempratures de vaporisation, allez faire un tour sur la page de notre encyclopedie les meilleures tempratures pour la vaporisation des herbes.

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<![CDATA[Historique de La guerre des drogues, en moins de 4 minutes]]> http://azarius.fr/news/807/Historique_de_La_guerre_des_drogues_en_moins_de_4_minutes/ Nous remporterons la guerre des drogues en ralliant autant de gens que possible a notre cause. Et plus ce seront des gens connus et qui auront du pouvoir, plus facile ce sera. Rcemment, c'est justement Jay Z qui nous a rejoint en prtant sa voix ce puissant court mtrage ralis par Molly Crabapple en collaboration avec Revolve Impact et la Drug Policy Alliance. Ce court-mtrage met en avant la discrimination qui continue de persister malgr la prohibition supposment loin derrire nous. Alors apprenons des erreurs de notre passe et commenons btir une socit quitable tous les niveaux.

Pour plus d'information sur La Guerre des Drogues, vous pouvez lire notre article dans l'Encyclopedie.

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0200 http://azarius.fr/news/807/Historique_de_La_guerre_des_drogues_en_moins_de_4_minutes/
<![CDATA[Psychedelic Sessions 2016: Lecture Derrick Bergman]]> http://azarius.fr/news/803/Psychedelic_Sessions_2016__Lecture_Derrick_Bergman/ Friday August 12 2016 Azarius organized the second edition of the Psychedelic Sessions. This time we invited four speakers to give a lecture on the many aspects of the psychedelic experience.

You can now listen to first lecture 'Cultivate your own freedom: cannabis activism in the 21st century' by Derrick Bergman, author and VOC-chairman.

The international movement against the War on Drugs and the prohibition of cannabis has won some important battles in the past years. Although the chasm between politicians and civilians remains large, this is definitely true in The Netherlands. The latest national and international developments are presented as well as the importance of grassroots initiatives.

Thu, 15 Sep 2016 12:00:00 +0200 http://azarius.fr/news/803/Psychedelic_Sessions_2016__Lecture_Derrick_Bergman/
<![CDATA[Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands: Next Event]]> http://azarius.fr/news/802/Psychedelic_Society_of_the_Netherlands__Next_Event/ Following the success of lectures by James W. Jesso and Kilindi Iyi, the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands organizes a third event: an evening with Daniel Waterman.

Daniel Waterman is a British philosopher, artist, writer, freelance researcher and Ayahuasca expert, living in the Netherlands. His book Entheogens, Society & Law was written over the course of thirteen years. This non-academic critique of contemporary discourses on entheogens and psychedelics to date presents a thorough analysis of the role of magical thinking, moral and ideological preferences in the dissemination of conflicting interpretations of psychoactive plants, substances, their uses, users and effects.

Entheogens, Society & Law covers important historical events such as Dutch psychiatrist Jan Bastiaan's use of LSD in the treatment of victims of Nazi persecution and the ensuing political debate in the Netherlands, landmark legal cases of Unio do Vegetal and Santo Daime, philosophical arguments, medical ethics, religious arguments, the influence of New Age beliefs, and finally takes a critical look at the role of Judeo-Christian moral concepts in the undermining of the relationship between spirituality and ethics in different areas of society.

Join the lecture & discussion on 18 September

Warmoesstraat 112, Amsterdam
Doors open from 18.30
Entrance fee: 3

Wed, 14 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0200 http://azarius.fr/news/802/Psychedelic_Society_of_the_Netherlands__Next_Event/
<![CDATA[Sur la fermeture de Fabric]]> http://azarius.fr/news/801/Sur_la_fermeture_de_Fabric/ Nous adorons la dance music chez Azarius. C'est tout simplement ce qu'on coute dans nos bureaux. C'est pourquoi nous avons t triste d'apprendre la fermeture dfinitive du club londonien Fabric. Fabric a ouvert le 29 octobre 1999 et a rapidement gagn la rputation d'un superclub qui se souciait de la musique avec son excellent sound system et invitant des dj aventureux. Fabric a galement sorti une longue srie de CD de mix par des dj comme Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Hood et Joris Voorn. Un pense sobre pourrait raliser qu'aucun club lgendaire (Studio 54, The Music Institute, The Paradise Garage) n'a connu la vie ternelle. Ce qui est peu difficile accepter, c'est le fait que Fabric ait ferm pour qu'un nouveau projet immobilier puisse voir le jour. Donc c'est encore une fois la crativit qui en a pay le prix !

Cela nous renvoie au problme plus large qu'est la guerre des drogues et ses nombreux checs. La guerre des drogues n'a jamais vraiment t une question de sant. Les recherches scientifiques ne cessent d'avancer que ces substances appeles illgales (et souvent d'origines naturelles) peuvent avoir une effet positif. Mais le cas de Fabric prouve une fois de plus que lutilisation de ses substances est vise pour diffrentes raisons. Cette fois on a fait appel la loi pour fermer un club dans le but de construire de nouveaux appartements. La guerre des drogues originale lance par le prsident amricain Richard Nixon en 1971 avait pour but de viser les manifestations tudiantes et le mouvement des droits civils. Et de cette manire on peut toujours utiliser la prohibition pour ne nouvelles intentions. En tant que projet de prvention, c'est un vrai dsastre.

En bref, continuez avancer pour la dcriminalisation, lgalisation et rgulation avant que votre style de vie soit le prochain sur la liste. Cherchez des initiatives et autres programmes des partis politiques parce que certains 'entre-eux veulent mettre une fin tout a.

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