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Shipping and order fulfillment delays

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Dear Azarius customer,

Azarius has always strived to offer excellent service and to keep our customers satisfied and happy. Clearly, we have not upheld our usual standards. We feel like we have let you down, which is something we aspire to never do.

A change of warehouse and distribution (ERP) system, some technical issues, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown meant that we were unable to process incoming orders and effectively manage deliveries the way we normally do. These issues resulted in a lot of our loyal customers being unable to reach our customer service or receive their orders in time.

No customer of ours should have to endure below-excellent service. We fell short, we feel terrible about this and offer our sincerest apologies. We understand how disappointing this must be for you, and we want to let you know that we are sorry for the inconvenience and frustration we have caused. We are committed to making things right. Please bear with us.

  1. If you still wish to proceed with your order, you will get it as soon as possible, with an extra discount on your next purchase. 
  2. If you wish to cancel your order, you can get a full refund. We will also provide a discount voucher in case you still wish to order from us in the future.

Again, we deeply regret the inconvenience and hope that you can accept our sincerest apologies. It is very important to us that we regain your trust and that you once again hold us in the same high regard we’ve cultivated throughout previous years.

We truly appreciate your orders, and if there is anything we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We love you,

Team Azarius

UPDATE: Most technical issues have now been resolved and our distribution centre is back to full speed. This means that order processing times are now back to our normal timeframe of 24 hours! However, our customer service team is dealing with an email backlog and it can still take them longer than usual to reply to your questions.

Keep in mind, however, that our carriers and various postal services are also facing delivery delays. These may also impact the time it takes for your order to arrive.

Having said that, we would also like to address some of the frequently asked questions surrounding the COVID-19 measures and technical issues, and how these affect your shopping experience at Azarius: 

Can I still shop online? 

Yes, you may! We are continuing to process orders to areas without delivery disruptions caused by COVID-19. However, some countries may experience delays. The situation is rapidly evolving and we will continue to update this page as needed.

When will my order arrive?  

As soon as you get an order confirmation email, your order will be processed within 24 hours. Keep in mind that the carriers and postal services we hand off your order to are also facing delivery delays, so it may still take long for your package to arrive than you are used to.

Will I receive a tracking code?

Yes, as soon as your parcel leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email containing a tracking code for your order. Please be aware that it might take some time for the tracking code to become active.

Shipping delays?

For almost all countries we ship to, there are delivery delays as well. Countries like Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Spain and Switzerland are well-known to have significant shipping delays. We hope you understand these delays are due to the current global circumstances and appreciate your patience in this regard. 

Do you have enough in stock?

Yes, but our stock will not be as extensive as you are used to. Some of our suppliers reside in countries that are in full lockdown, while others are experiencing their own delays in shipping due to transport restrictions. This is the reason some products may be “out of stock” for longer periods than normal. If perchance, a product you just ordered is unavailable, our customer service will contact you directly to see if we can offer you an alternative solution.

How can I reach Customer Service?

Please submit your question through the contact form. You will receive an answer as soon as we can under the current circumstances. 

Why haven’t I received an answer to my question yet?

Our Customer Service team is very busy at the moment. Due to the added volume of questions, it will, unfortunately, take us longer to get back to you than usual. Don’t worry, we have received your questions and you will get a response from us in due time. 

We highly recommend that you, if you have multiple questions, state them all in one email. This way we can reduce the amount of email traffic in the hopes to increase our response time.

Can I reach Customer Service by phone?

All our phone lines are closed in order to fully concentrate on answering all email inquiries. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope you will continue to shop at our online store, while we try to provide the same level of service you have come to expect from us.  

We would like to express our sympathy and solidarity with all those who are affected by the COVID-19 virus. Rest assured that the health and safety of our employees, their families and our customers continue to be our top priority. We would also like to express our profound gratitude to all the essential workers who continue to provide essential services during this time. There are no words that can adequately express our gratitude for all that you are doing during this difficult time. And to the healthcare workers who are willing to sacrifice their own safety and well-being in this crisis, we are eternally grateful. We wish you safety and health as you forge ahead to get us to the other side of this pandemic. Your contributions are appreciated and we thank you.

To all our loyal customers we want to say; Stay home. Stay safe and healthy. Look out for each other. We’re all in this together.

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