BlogCome to Cannabis Liberation Day Amsterdam!

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Come to Cannabis Liberation Day Amsterdam!

08-06-2017 - 0 Commentaires

On Sunday June 11th it is time again for the festival in honour of our favourite plant: the ninth edition of Cannabis Liberation Day. Azarius will, of course, join again!

Every year we seem to get a little bit closer. The inevitable legalization of cannabis. In spite of worldwide progression, we haven’t reached our goal yet and that’s why the lovers of cannabis can meet each other again in Amsterdam at the Flevopark. As a statement, but also for fun, to share knowledge, listen to music and of course to smoke, or vape, weed.

The complete program can be found on the official website. The party starts at 14:00 and ends around 22:00. Speakers will be, among others, Rick Simpson, Doede de Jong and Micha Knodt. Music is provided by bands like The Dubbeez and DJ’s like United Sounds. This year Cannabis Liberation Day is again organized by the indefatigable V.O.C.

See (and smell) you on June 11th at the undoubtedly sun-drenched Flevopark!


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