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Azarius @ AMS420 festival

19-04-2013 - 1 Commentaires

Some of our intrepid Azarius crew will be attending the AMS420 festival this Saturday in The Sand, Amsterdam. We'll be bringing a small stand with us, including various vaporizers you can touch & feel if you're so inclined (but please don't touch & feel the Azarius crew, unless they're okay with it). The festivities will commence at 6 pm, Saturday 20 April.

Prior to the festival, there'll be a protest at Amsterdam City Hall. The theme for this year's protest is to get the supply of cannabis to coffeeshops regulated and legalized, in other words, to open the “Backdoor” of the coffeeshops for cannabis products with an invoice, including taxes. Everyone is welcome to join the protest, which will start at 4.20 pm.

The main event + after party will take place at The Sand (near Amsterdam Sloterdijk station). Everyone is welcome at 6 pm. Attendees will receive a goodiebag and some tickets for a prize draw later that night. Unless you already booked a ticket, entry will cost € 26 (party + after-party).

For more information, please visit:


  • zaxx 20-04-2013 00:55:19

    lol at 20th of April

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