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The Solo cannot stay solo forever and needs its charge.
1 pièce - 34,70 $US
Replacement coil for the Boundless CF 710 vaporizer
1 pièce - 11,17 $US
Quartz replacement coil for the Boundless CF 710.
1 stuk - 11,17 $US
Nothing beats crystals when it comes to CBD purity. These CBD crystals by Procare Nutraceuticals are made from organic Dutch hemp. Close to perfection.

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Full spectrum CBD hemp oil doesn't get better than this. Pure, natural and easy to dose. Taking CBD to a new level.

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One for the CBD gourmet. Full spectrum CBD extraction in black cumin oil which has a smoother taste compared to other CBD oils.
The purest of the pure, CBD oil that is just that: CBD without any other cannabinoids. The holy grail for CBD lovers.

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Set of extra screens for the cooling unit of the Crafty vaporizer.
1 pièce - 4,41 $US
Normal sized screens for use in the filling chamber of the Crafty vaporizer.
1 pièce - 5,59 $US
This silicone glove for the DaVinci IQ protects your favourite vaporizer while giving it a cool look.
Replacement battery for your FlowerMate V5 NANO.
1 pièce - 13,53 $US
Brush for cleaning the loading cap or chamber of your FlowerMate V5 NANO.
1 pièce - 2,94 $US
Loading your beloved Flowermate V5 NANO is all the easier with this loading cap.
1 pièce - 7,65 $US
USB charging cable for the FlowerMate V5 NANO
1 piece - 7,65 $US
Replacement glass mouthpiece for your FlowerMate V5 NANO.
1 pièce - 11,17 $US
Tool for loading your FlowerMate V5 Nano.
1 pièce - 4,12 $US
Soft pouch for your FlowerMate V5 NANO.
1 pièce - 5,29 $US
Replacement screen set for your FlowerMate V5 NANO.
1 pièce - 2,94 $US
Replacement screens for the mouthpiece of your Focusvape.
1 pièce - 2,94 $US
Tool for loading your Focusvape with a herb or extract.
1 pièce - 2,94 $US
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