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LSD Spirituality Creative Process (Anglais)

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LSD Spirituality Creative Process (Anglais) 21,82 $US

Oscar Janiger, 246 pp. × 1

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This book presents for the first time the results of one of the longest clinical studies of LSD ever undertaken and explores their implications regarding LSD's influence on creativity, imagination and spirituality.

In 1954 a Los Angeles psychiatrist began experimenting with a then new chemical discovery known as LSD-25. Over an eight-year period Dr. Oscar Janiger gave LSd-25 to more than 950 men of woman, ranging in age from 18 to 81 and coming from all walks of life. In this book, the authors examine the intriguing data collected during those trials, as well as follow-up studies forty years later.

Author Marlene Dobkin de Rios, a medical anthropologist who has studied the use of hallucinogens in tribal and third world societies, considers the spiritual implications of these findings, comparing them with the experiences of indigenous groups that employ psychoactive substances in their religious ceremonies.

The book also examines the nature of the creative process as influenced by psychedelics and includes artwork and poetry from the original experiment sessions, allowing the reader to personally witness LSD's impact on creativity. The ground breaking studies recounted in LSD, Spirituality and the Creative processes depict an important moment in the history of consciousness and the reveal the innate creativity of humanity.


Titre LSD, Spirituality, and the Creative Process
Sous-titre Based on the Groundbreaking Research of Oscar Janiger, M.D
Editeur Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
Reliure Paperback
NINL 9780892819737
Pages 264
Auteur(s) M. D. de Rios, O. Janiger
Langue Anglais

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