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The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs

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The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs 150,73 $US

Christian Ratsch, 784 pp. × 1

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Full title: The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs - Psychoactive substances for use in sexual practices.

The culmination of more than 30 years of cultural, anthropological and scientific research, this encyclopaedia examines the botany, pharmacology, history, preparation, dosage and practical use of more than 400 erotically stimulating substances from antiquity to the present day.

  • Details the use, preparation and dosage of more than 400 plant, animal, mineral and synthetic substances, both common and exotic, as well as their botany, science and legal status.

  • Explores the historical and present use of aphrodisiacs and their role in sexual practices, culture and art.

  • Richly illustrated throughout with more than 800 colour photographs “An elegant, unsentimental, and extraordinary book. From photographs of African fertility dances to full tantrik instructions, from French phallic ancient stone monuments to a discussion of pheromones, this is the best of its kind I've seen. Highly recommended.” - Yellow Silk.

From plants and animals that enhance fertility and virility, like celery, snails or oysters, to substances that induce arousal, like ephedra, opium or cannabis, the encyclopaedia is richly illustrated with more than 800 colour photographs - many of which are from the authors' extensive fieldwork around the world.

Exploring individual, medicinal and ritual use through historic and contemporary artwork, personal accounts and literature as well as ayurvedic, tantric, shamanic and European folklore practices and recent pharmacological research, the authors look at the revolving cycle of acceptance and condemnation of aphrodisiacs, the qualities that incur the label of “aphrodisiac,” the role of mind and setting and the different ways aphrodisiacs stimulate desire - either physically, through the senses and vital organs or mentally, through heightened awareness and altered consciousness.

This comprehensive guide reveals these “remedies of the love goddess” as holy remedies whose proper use can help re-establish harmony with oneself, one's partner and the universe.


Titre The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs
Sous-titre Psychoactive Substances for Use in Sexual Practices
Editeur Healing Arts Press
Reliure Hardcover
NINL 9781594771699
Pages 784
Auteur(s) Christian Rätsch / Claudia Müller-Ebeling
Langue Anglais

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