Bong acrylique Twin flow

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After the smoke has passed through the water in the first chamber, it passes through two tubes, after which it arrives in a second chamber, from which the filtered and cooled down smoke can be inhaled.

Most of these bongs have a broken lid (easily taped together). Also the finishing is not what it should be...

Height: 27 cm
Width: 17 cm
Weight: 408 grams

***Various acryllic multiple chamber bongs which do not match our standards when it comes to quality. They're still very well usable though. So you get these for almost free! The only thing we ask is a few euros for the extra shipping costs. They're huge, you know...***

Commentaires - Bong acrylique Twin flow

9 Commentaires


Outlaw 2009-03-17

Lässt sich angenehm rauchen, weil der rauch 2 mal durch`s Wasser geht! Auch rauchen zu 2. möglich (1er raucht mit Schlauch, 2er raucht wie immer) Danke Azarius

Yinzo 2008-11-25

Franchement il aurait pu étre géniale mais leurs
conceptions a failli ... -> Regardez bien les tubes en plastique
Vous allez voir qu'il y a un problème aux niveaux des tuyaux

en gros ce n'est pas des multi-chambres ....

Mr.Wednesday 2008-11-18

The bong came with one of the chambers unglued, which was a small hassle but I used a glue gun and fixed it... The bong works great... Already had quite a trip with it... :)

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