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Dübe Pen Vaporizer (new)

Dübe Pen Vaporizer (new)

The Dübe might sound like an odd name for a vaporizer, but once you consider ‘rolling a dube’ is slang for rolling a joint, you’ll understand what American manufacturer White Rhino intended with this small pen-style vaporizer.

Dübe’s sleek design was inspired by E-cigarettes. With the rise in popularity of various E-cigarette devices, the Dübe vaporizer will blend right in, allowing you to vape discreetly even in public places. The complete unit measures about 13.5 cm in length and can be operated comfortably with one hand.

Unlike most other pen-style vaporizers, the Dübe offers dual-functionality: you can easily vaporize herbs as well as oils and waxes. When your Dübe runs low, simply recharge it in any wall socket or USB device with the included charger accessories.

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