Stacker 3 XPLC

Stacker XPLC 3 est actuellement l'un des produits minceurs sans éphédra les plus puissants. Selon les experts, le premier produit minceur sans éphédra qui peut faire concurrence aux "Stackers anciens".

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  • 60% de l'énergie dont vous avez besoin vient du métabolisme.
  • Dans les 45 minutes après ingestion vous sentirez une énorme augmentation du métabolisme.
  • Une brûlure des graisse plus rapide et plus efficace.
  • Obtenez plus rapidement le poids désiré.
  • Plus de contrôle sur votre poids.


Prendre 1 comprimé Stacker XPLC 2 avec plein d'eau après le déjeuner et le dîner. Ne pas prendre après 18:00.


Contenu par boîte : 100 comprimés. Un comprimé contient : - Mélange principal 195mg, contient : 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin (fruit), yerba mate, guarana, Camellia sinensis 60% polyphenoles (vert), capsaicin
- Caféine 200mg


Ces suppléments nutritionnels ne sont pas destinés aux mineurs. Consultez d'abord un médecin si vous utilisez d'autres médicaments ou stimulants, comme la caféine. Ne pas utiliser si vous souffrez d'une maladie cardiovasculaire, hypertension, diabète, glaucome, thyroïdien, du foie ou de la prostate, si vous êtes enceinte ou allaitante. Ne pas utiliser plus longtemps qu'un mois consécutif. Ne pas excéder la dose conseillée.

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  • Carter


    I never write reviews. But found myself wanting to tell the world about this product. My wife and I are 52 and decided to get healthy. She works in corporate and I own my own business. We start our work out at 5:30am.

    Before we work out we both take 1 capsule of the XPLC Stacker 3. The effects start in about 10 minutes. We have never been able to go long distances or workout for more than 15 min. Since taking this wonderful product we look forward to spending a minimum of 1 hour 5 days a week at the gym.

    Sometimes I have to drag my wife from working out. She is doing exercises and lifting weights. In 6 months of this routine we both are in great shape. I feel 20 years younger and have the stamina of a 30 year old as well. Guys if you didn't know this is a very inexpensive supplement to boost you energy level for sex. I take at least 1 capsule 2x daily. There is about a 6 hour effective time period before you feel like you are about to crash. My advise is if you plan to just sit around and watch TV don't take it. But if you have any plans to do anything physical take one. If you are on your third one for the day plan to be up for about 10 hours after taking it.

    It is very easy to plan and control is affects. This product does not have any side effects if you move around. I don't drink coffee so I take a second capsule around noon. My wife drinks coffee so she doesn't take a second capsule during her work day. Since we have been taking the "Wonder Supplement" we have spent the entire summer going out and really really enjoying ourselves. It doesn't hurt there are no side effects while consuming alcohol while taking the supplement. If anything we are more active later in the evening. I'm talking about 1-2am. My wife is displaying a very very positive sensitivity towards having sex. She is always ready. I can always tell if she forgot to take a capsule. But for the most part there is a reserve you build up over a short period of time.

    In parting I insist that anyone reading this try this product. Men and women you wont be sorry, trust me and my wife!!!

  • Juha


    I really like this. Gives energy a lot, just read the disclaimer..

  • Sierra


    I thought that it wasn't going to do anything. It was being sold at gas stations and at grocery stores in large quantities. I bought the 4-pack at a gas station and expected it to be like any other energy pill. I assumed it wouldn't work but thought it wouldn't hurt to try. I've been taking them for quite a few months and have lost a reasonable amount of weight. I started off at 127lbs and I am now currently down to 105lbs-110lbs. I fluctuate but I managed to maintain this healthy weight for my height.

    It took less than a few months to shed off the weight. Now I use them to maintain this weight and my energy. I am completely satisfied with this product!

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